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The Wild Beer Co, - Redwood 2017 0,33L

2.000 Ft 1900
Gyártó: The Wild Beer Co.
Elérhetőség: Elfogyott, e-mail-ben érdeklődj
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,,Foraged fruits, wild yeasts and lots of barrels and blending

The Redwood Project began in 2013 when we foraged the late summer fruits from hedgerows and farms around the brewery. These were then put into red wine barrels where they rested for a full year with some of our wildest beer before being packaged. The first Redwood was released late in 2014 as an Autumnal foraged fruit beer. 

Redwood will vary year on year based on the forgeable fruits available (heavy on damsons and plums this year) and the barrels selected for the final beer by our blending team. The mixture of berries and barrels culminates in a crescendo of sweet fruits, roasted oak and vibrant acidity.

Drinking Redwood 2017 is like walking through the vibrant fallen leaves, your breath fogging in front of you while you pick the last of the season’s plums with the whiff of bonfires in the air.


  • Plums + Damsons

  • Boysenberry Berry

  • Red Wine Barrels"


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